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The stroopwafel (literally translated as “Syrup Waffle”) is a traditional Dutch product, over 200 years ago baked for the first time in the town of Gouda. In the Netherlands, the Dutch eaten more than 220 million stroopwafels and a multiple of them wil be exported. Increasingly, the stroopwafels also outside of the Netherlands. It is not easy to obtain with the right ingredients far beyond the Netherlands due to an adjustment to the recipe. This is the taste of the stroopwafels as we Dutch know it, certainly not for the better. Especially for Dutch and non-Dutch people who during a visit to our country the stroopwafel 'discovered', we have developed "Stroopwafels.Online". In this webshop you can obtain the real stroopwafels from Gouda. We have no stock. We bake the stroopwafel after your order is placed, then send them directly. Create a private account and experience how easy you can order stroopwafels online.

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