3×10 Markus Stroopwafels In Luxury Gift Box


The stroopwafels from Markus are prepared with natural ingredients. They are crispy, filled with a soft syrup and baked with love.

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The bakery

Stroopwafels by Markus (Stroopwafels literally translated as “Syrup Waffles”)

The family-run Markus & Markus Syrup Waffles was founded in 1978. The objective: a real, fresh delicious syrup waffle baking in the way that happened in the past, has not changed. We make good use of the technical possibilities available today, however, is our Syrup Waffle no mass product. Still be the Syrup Waffles with care and dedication. The choice of the ingredients, the recipe and the manufacturing process have not changed. Our Syrup Waffles contain no artificial fragrances, colours, flavours and preservatives, making the natural flavor of syrup and the crispy waffle. Together with our employees we are in for the best quality.

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Photo: © Sylvia te Riele Photography.

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